Turning Inward

October 31st, 2010

Acrylic on panel, 18 x 24"

Fall is my busiest season for getting my art (and myself, really) out into the world. I really enjoy meeting the people who like my art — of course! And I love just being outside too, at this time of year. It truly is one of the most beautiful times of year to live in New Hampshire.
But the days are growing decidedly shorter — I must admit that I’m fairly obsessed with checking the amount of daylight in the newspaper. We are moving rapidly towards less than 10 hours from a high of 15+ in June. But I don’t really mind — like the black bears preparing for hibernation, I too am slowing down now that my annual open studio is over.

I’m even preparing a cozier den —  some very exciting renovation work begins next week in my studio. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’ll soon have a more comfortable floor, plumbing (!) and better storage. My plan is to really get back to painting in a big way come January. By then the light will be returning too, along with my focus. And to keep the metaphor going, just as many black bears will be giving birth in the deepest days of winter, I often find myself doing my most creative work too. I too hope to emerge in the spring with some new offspring —

In the meantime, I have a couple of freelance articles to write, my weekly painting class to teach, and a stack of books to read. Most of them are related to a brave new series I plan to start in the new year. I’m trying to take a more philosophical approach to the underlying story in my work.  I’ll try to post a review of at least one of the books soon!

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