Why Have an Open Studio?

October 10th, 2018

Sometimes I have to remind myself but in case you’re interested too…

1. To thank my collectors, in particular — I so appreciate people supporting me as an artist. If you don’t know it, I host this invite-only brunch for my VIP’s before the public part of my open studio every year. (Anyone who has bought a painting or print = VIP.) Since I am half-Sicilian, I learned from an early age that when you want to show appreciation for someone, you feed them until they can’t move! The VIP brunch is my version — we go out of our way to make a bonanza of home-cooked, locally sourced, and/or made as possible.

2. To see old friends and supporters — (see above) Having people make the trek to my studio always brings me great joy! I know it’s an adventure getting here.

3. To meet new friends and supporters — having complete strangers make the trek also expands my heart. Such brave souls!

4. To just be with people — I spend a lot of time alone here. After this, I will dive back into my busiest painting time: winter. Like the bears, I will re-emerge in the spring. Instead of new cubs though, I will have a new body of work to show — I hope!

5. To make money — might as well get it out there: this is a big event in my “business cycle.” I don’t know if I’ll ever get rich being an artist, but I do hope to make some profit every year. (I use up a lot of art supplies!)

6. To make money part 2 — If I make enough money, then I can go travel to see more cool animals and then paint them! (I really like understanding animals before I paint them and I hate going to zoos.)

7. To support a good cause like the Piscataquog Watershed Conservancy (PLC,) to whom I am giving 10% of this year’s sales. It assuages my guilt about not being “in the trenches” anymore / keeps me connected to the conservation community.

8. To connect with people about my subjects: it’s really gratifying to hear what people think of my paintings and to share the story behind them. Most people who come here love animals like I do and it’s energizing to share that. It gives me hope for the world…

9. To evangelize for wildlife — I really do want my audience to consider each animal as another being on this planet. It’s why I paint portraits. This is my dharma.

10. It’s fun! Despite all the whining I do sometimes, I really do enjoy it. I am so happy to live and work here and it’s nice to share this beautiful place with people. So I celebrate being an artist by throwing a big party every year.

I’d be so glad if you could join me…

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