And So It Begins…

September 9th, 2010

"Nothing But Blue Skies III" acrylic on canvas 24 x 24." A recent painting experiment somewhat influenced by John Nieto and a previous painting I did a few years back.

So, I’ve always liked fall. Even though it’s been a long time since I was a student, I still fall into that “back-to-school” mentality. And fall is often my busiest time, so it fits well with the mindset.

This year, in addition to my open studio (October 16 & 17th), I have two other exhibits, two writing deadlines, a commission to complete, an art group retreat, and I start teaching an 8-week painting class. At times it makes me hyper-ventilate a bit, but it’s all good. It feeds my obsession for making lists and poring over my calendar.

AND: Almost everything will be done by November 1 (except the class) and then I plan to tackle a MAJOR clean out of my studio in preparation for some remodeling work I’m having done to make it more useable this winter. Which all leads up to my next favorite time of year — New Year! By then I will have carved out a huge amount of space and time to really really paint paint paint. It tends to be my most productive time (January — May) for getting work done, and I am trying hard to honor my natural cycles. It is also a slow season for sales for me so it works out pretty well.

Now what did I do with that paper bag?

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