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New Hampshire magazine recently named me one of "Eleven Women Artists to Watch!" 

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My art is about celebrating the wild beings that share this planet with us. I hope it brings you joy!

So why animals? They have enchanted me since I was very small. An art teacher once told me, "Notice the things you notice, that's what you should paint." So this is what I notice: how beautiful, how powerful and how mysterious wildlife is. Nature is my muse.


I never got to go to art school, but that's OK — life is not always linear. My first career was explaining computers to NYC stockbrokers. I worked on the 73rd floor of the World Trade Center in a giant beige cubicle farm. (Not a good fit!) Then I had an serendiptious encounter with a naturalist named John Yrizarry* and that led me to my completely different second career in New Hampshire. After getting my Masters in Science from Antioch/New England University, I became the communications director for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

It was a super-fulfilling job and I got to do things like write nature columns for the New Hampshire Sunday News and co-host a mini-program on New Hampshire Public Radio called "Something Wild" for 11 years. And help protect land for people and wildlife.

But my art was definitely in the back seat. I kept thinking, "Someday I'll be an artist. Someday..."

Then 9/11 happened. And it made me realize there are no guarantees that you will ever get a someday. So with the help of my amazing husband, I made someday into today. And here I am living my dream!

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*For a longer version of that story, please click here.

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