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March 15th, 2009
Red Fox - 2 of 350

Red Fox - 2 of 350

It’s been a good week — the painting is going faster than I expected. Still figuring out the intricacies of blogging. There are many bells and whistles I can add if I ever find the time to. But since this is mostly about my painting, I am uploading a red fox today. I like the way this guy came out. He has panache.

So I did write down my list for the first 100 mammals. The only problem is after I do all the “charismatic mega-fauna” as we called them in grad school, all that’s left are bats, rodents, and whales. As in 250 bats, rodents, and whales. Not sure what to do about that. Part of my goal here is to raise money, and I’m no so sure that a northern water shrew, for example, is going to be such a hot ticket, no matter how well I paint it!

I’m open to suggestions…

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