Rosemary G. Conroy Fine Art

About The Artist

Rosemary is one of those people whose path in life has been long and winding. She only came to art after two previous (and pretty) successful careers — the first being an explainer of computers to stockbrokers and the second being a promoter of land conservation to the good people of New Hampshire.

She was inspired to fulfill her life-long dream of painting full-time after watching the twin towers fall on 9/11, a place she once worked at in her corporate days. Largely self-taught, Rosemary nevertheless has enjoyed ever-increasing success as an artist and believes that passion for your subject is just as important as any formal pedigree.

All in all, she feels quite blessed that she is living the life she is and loves being an artist.

Passionate about wildlife, she regularly visits far-flung places to find inspiration for her colorful paintings and has served on land trust boards to help protect local habitats. Rosemary shows in several galleries in New Hampshire and hosts an open studio each fall. She invites you to sign up for her mailing list by clicking on the button at the top of the screen.

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